Birth Information

  • Time: Sat Oct 31 1931 18:13:00 GMT-0600
  • Location: Wharton, TX 77488, USA
  • Birth Tithi:6-shashthi krishna
  • Keywords:
    • Hard worker
    • Temper
    • Marriage more than 15 Yrs
    • Marriage - Very happy
    • Number of Marriages
    • Kids 1-3
    • Same Job more than 10 yrs
    • Travel for work
    • Work in team/ Tandem
    • Gain - Financial success in field
    • News journalist/ Anchor
    • Radio/ D.J./ Announcer
    • TV host/ Personality
    • Director
    • Autobiographer
    • Columnist/ journalist
    • Textbook/ Non-fiction
    • Top 5% of Profession

Public Information

American news broadcaster, one of the top in his competitive field, making some $3 million a year. Rather prefers to cover the news where the action is taking place. His globetrotting to the world's hot spots has led to jealousies and criticisms from the news print media and from his competitive rivals Tom Brokaw of NBC news and Peter Jennings of ABC news. A newspaperman at heart, Rather gave up on his dream in print journalism to dedicate himself to covering the news for television. He has written books about his experiences in TV journalism with "The Camera Never Blinks," 1977, "Memoirs; I Remember," 1991, "The Camera Never Blinks Twice: The Further Adventures of a Television Journalist," 1994 and "Deadlines and Datelines," in 1999.B.C. in hand from Steinbrecher (Same in Gauquelin Book of American Charts)

Chart Analysis

  • Lagna for this natal chart is Aries. The lagna lord Mars has a shadbala ratio of 1.28 and is placed in house 8.
  • Moon is in nakshatra of Ardra (Betelgeuse) in pada 3. Moon has a shadbala ratio of 1.24 and is placed in house 3
  • The strongest planet in this chart is Saturn with a shadbala ratio of 1.73 and is placed in house 9.
  • The weakest planet in this chart is Mercury with a shadbala ratio of 1.02 and is placed in house 7.

Chart Yogas

  • Hamsa Yoga
  • Malavya Yoga
  • Saral Vipreet Raj Yog
  • Paasa Yoga
North Indian style D1 chart for Rather, Dan. Also known as Kundali chart.
Ascendant126° 13' 11''Bharani (41 Arietis)4
Moon316° 35' 23''Ardra (Betelgeuse)3
Ketu610° 37' 48''Hasta (α,β,γ,δ,ε Corvi)1
Saturn925° 2' 23''P.Shadha (δ,ε Sagittarii)4
Rahu1210° 37' 48''U.Bhadra (γ Pegasi, α Andromedae)3
Mars88° 9' 36''Anuradha (β,δ,π Scorpionis)2
Jupiter427° 24' 36''Ashlesha (δ,ε,η,ρ,σ Hydrae)4
Venus728° 45' 36''Vishakha (α,β,γ,ι Librae)3
Sun714° 41' 59''Svati (Arcturus)3
Mercury723° 1' 48''Vishakha (α,β,γ,ι Librae)1
North Indian style D2 chart for Rather, Dan. Also known as Hora chart.
North Indian style D3 chart for Rather, Dan. Also known as Drekkana chart.
North Indian style D7 chart for Rather, Dan. Also known as Saptamsa chart.
North Indian style D9 chart for Rather, Dan. Also known as Navamsa chart.
North Indian style D12 chart for Rather, Dan. Also known as Dvadasamsa chart.
North Indian style D30 chart for Rather, Dan. Also known as Trimsamsa chart.
Shadbala Score
Shadbala score chart for Rather, Dan.
Ashtakvarga Table
Ashtakvarga table for Rather, Dan.

Shadow Planets

North Indian style S1 chart for Rather, Dan. Also known as Shadows chart.
YaYamaghantaka1Aries16° 37' 47''
KoKodanda2Taurus14° 42' 36''
VyVyatipata2Taurus1° 58' 0''
GuGulika3Gemini8° 22' 48''
MaMandi3Gemini23° 2' 23''
KaKala4Cancer20° 21' 35''
PdParidhi5Leo11° 9' 36''
InIndrachapa5Leo28° 1' 59''
MrMrityu6Virgo2° 20' 23''
ArArdhaprahara6Virgo23° 37' 12''
UpUpaketu6Virgo14° 41' 59''
PvParivesha8Scorpio1° 58' 0''
DhDhoom11Aquarius28° 1' 59''

Vimshottari Dasha Periods

MahadashaStart DateEnd Date