Why Lagna360

Our A.I. engine gives predictions similar to a well trained vedic astrologer. Any good vedic astrologer needs to learn and practice for nearly 10 years to provide detailed insights. We provide that same level of comprehension within seconds.


We offer the purest form of Vedic astrology possible, presented in simple language and relevant to today's context.


Powered by A.I. and trained with predictions from ancient texts. We generate highly personalized , day by day predictions from birth till beyond age of 100.

Something for Everyone

Die Hard Skeptics

You don't believe in astrology? We love logical people. Come and explore the power of data science and machine learning.

Curious Kittens

You get a laugh reading sun signs. Why settle for average? Access the same fun, but hyper-personalized to your chart.

Casual Lookers

There has to be more than just sun signs, right? Get a casual personalized reading on all 9 planets and 27 Nakshatras.

Advanced Users

Precision matters to you. Advanced detail and accuracy matters to you. Experience the power our vedic astrology in full detail.

Astrology Students

Leverage advanced tools like birth correction, Shadbala and Ashtakvarga. Study daily shifts in Dasha and transits.

Professional Astrologers

Connect with clients and keep all charts and predictions in one place. Apply our various tools to serve your client better.

Explore the platform

No registration, no passwords and one click to get started. All you need is your birthday, birth location and birth time.

screen shot of lagna360 platform dashboard

Personal Dashboard

screen shot of lagna360 platform showing an example horoscope

Divisional Charts

screen shot of lagna360 platform showing asktakvarga table


screen shot of lagna360 platform showing radial spider charts of how shadbala scores look like

Shadbala Graphs

screen shot of lagna360 platform showing graph with daily analysis of astro scores

Daily Analysis

screen shot of lagna360 platform showing how birth rectification looks

Birth Rectification

screen shot of lagna360 platform showing zodiac calibration

Zodiac Calibration

screen shot of lagna360 platform showing shadow planets

Shadow Planets

screen shot of lagna360 platform showing yog Calculations

Yog Calculations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vedic astrology?

Practiced for more than 7000 years in ancient India, this is one of the oldest and most elaborate systems of astrology in practice today. Based on sidereal observations, the foundation of Vedic astrology sits on top of a deep & complex understanding of astronomy. This is a secular and mathematical practice, free from superstition. This practice is sometimes called Indian astrology.

I already have a vedic horoscope, is this different?

Since the 1950's , standard way to make a vedic horoscope was by using a yearly ephemeris. Calculations were done manually and process was highly simplified, giving inaccurate charts. Modern vedic chart software, automated this same manual process, so still inaccurate. We prepare charts using data from NASA. Resulting in the most precise vedic horoscope possible.

How do you make predictions?

We continuously train a machine learning model using thousands of charts and paragraphs from ancient text. The text is always curated with modern context and predictions are verified by human astrologers. The cleaned and improved predictions are then fed back into the same model continuously. Over time, the model learns to make predictions indistinguishable from an experienced human astrologer.

Do your predictions come true?

Can any human astrologer claim to make true predictions? We never claim that any prediction has or will come true. It boils down to, if you believe in vedic astrology or not. If you do believe in vedic astrology, we offer the purest and most accurate form of this science. Our predictions match ancient vedic texts precisely, it is upto you to believe if they come true or not.

How is this different from other software?

Vedic astrology software only makes charts. We go beyond just making charts. We analyse, curate, predict and derive insights. Although our charts are more accurate and precise than any other available software, our true goal is to mimic the intuition that a human astrologer develops after decades of learning and practice.

Is this a free service?

For most part yes, the chart generation and many other tools are free for life. There are a few selected features that require a paid subscription to cover costs of cloud computing. Please checkout our pricing page for details.