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Power of AI combined with wisdom of ancient Vedic Astrology.
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What is Vedic astrology?

Practiced for more than 7000 years in ancient India, this is the oldest and most elaborate system of astrology in practice today. Based on sidereal observations, the foundation of Vedic astrology sits on top of a deep & complex understanding of astronomical calculations. This is a secular and mathematical practice, free from superstition and completely unrelated to any religion or belief system.

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NASA precision

We use NASA data to predict planetary movements, this is the same data used to land a rover on mars. Can you imagine how accurate your charts are?

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Personalized Predictions

With power of AI, we have analyzed thousands of charts and cross-referenced with ancient vedic texts. The system is evolving, understands who you are.

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Unique Tool Set

Face reading, birth time rectification and gemstone analysis are some of the tools we provide to enhance your experience while navigating this spiritual realm.

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Live predictions precise to the second.

Accurate enough to send a satellite into orbit, precise enough to land it back on the same spot. Our AI engine gives predictions same as how a well trained astrologer would.

Did we mention? We are really good at it.

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Easy to follow daily transit insights, hyper-personalized to your unique chart, curated by world famous astrologers.

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