Birth Information

  • Time: Mon Dec 14 1992 14:21:00 GMT-0800
  • Location: Wildomar, CA, USA
  • Birth Tithi:6-shashthi krishna
  • Keywords:
    • Race
    • Mate - Noted
    • Western
    • Actor/ Actress
    • Child performer
    • Internet personality
    • Voice-Over
    • Song writer
    • Vocalist/ Pop, Rock, etc.
    • Entertain Producer
    • Grammy

Public Information

American singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer, who first gained recognition after posting videos on YouTube as a teenager, and appeared as a semi-finalist on the ninth season of American Idol in 2010. Thereafter, she independently released her self-produced debut EP in 2012, Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly. In 2013, after Scooter Braun became her manager, Kelly signed with Capitol Records. Her second EP and first major-label release, Foreword (2013), followed soon after. Kelly's debut studio album Unbreakable Smile (2015) peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States with its lead single, "Nobody Love", marking her first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She voiced Meena the elephant in the animated film Sing (2016). Sy Scholfield provided copy of birth notice, The Californian (Temecula, California), 8 January 1993, pages D4+D5, born at Inland Valley Medical Center.

Chart Analysis

  • Lagna for this natal chart is Aries. The lagna lord Mars has a shadbala ratio of 1.47 and is placed in house 4.
  • Moon is in nakshatra of Magha (Regulus) in pada 2. Moon has a shadbala ratio of 1.00 and is placed in house 5
  • The strongest planet in this chart is Saturn with a shadbala ratio of 1.7 and is placed in house 10.
  • The weakest planet in this chart is Moon with a shadbala ratio of 1 and is placed in house 5.

Chart Yogas

  • Malavya Yoga
  • Shash Yoga
  • Harsha Vipreet Raj Yog
  • Vimal Vipreet Raj Yog
  • Paasa Yoga
  • Koota Yoga
North Indian style D1 chart for Kelly, Tori. Also known as Kundali chart.
Ascendant121° 52' 12''Bharani (41 Arietis)3
Moon54° 40' 47''Magha (Regulus)2
Ketu227° 35' 23''Mrigashir (λ,φ Orionis)2
Saturn1020° 55' 12''Sravana (α,β,γ Aquilae)4
Rahu827° 35' 23''Jyeshtha (α,σ,τ Scorpionis)4
Mars42° 4' 48''Punarvasu (Castor, Pollux)4
Jupiter617° 54' 36''Hasta (α,β,γ,δ,ε Corvi)3
Venus1013° 27' 36''Sravana (α,β,γ Aquilae)2
Sun829° 25' 47''Jyeshtha (α,σ,τ Scorpionis)4
Mercury89° 24' 36''Anuradha (β,δ,π Scorpionis)2
North Indian style D2 chart for Kelly, Tori. Also known as Hora chart.
North Indian style D3 chart for Kelly, Tori. Also known as Drekkana chart.
North Indian style D7 chart for Kelly, Tori. Also known as Saptamsa chart.
North Indian style D9 chart for Kelly, Tori. Also known as Navamsa chart.
North Indian style D12 chart for Kelly, Tori. Also known as Dvadasamsa chart.
North Indian style D30 chart for Kelly, Tori. Also known as Trimsamsa chart.
Shadbala Score
Shadbala score chart for Kelly, Tori.
Ashtakvarga Table
Ashtakvarga table for Kelly, Tori.

Shadow Planets

North Indian style S1 chart for Kelly, Tori. Also known as Shadows chart.
MaMandi1Aries15° 59' 24''
DhDhoom1Aries12° 45' 47''
KaKala2Taurus10° 35' 23''
PvParivesha6Virgo17° 14' 12''
InIndrachapa7Libra12° 45' 47''
UpUpaketu7Libra29° 25' 47''
PdParidhi8Scorpio28° 8' 59''
MrMrityu9Sagittarius15° 14' 24''
ArArdhaprahara10Capricorn4° 35' 23''
YaYamaghantaka10Capricorn27° 22' 47''
KoKodanda11Aquarius23° 57' 36''
GuGulika12Pisces22° 10' 12''
VyVyatipata12Pisces17° 14' 12''

Vimshottari Dasha Periods

MahadashaStart DateEnd Date